100+ Home business ideas

As I work with small businesses every day I thought I would write a short eBook on business ideas. We ended up with 69 pages filled with ideas and things you should do to make them work.

I have worke ...
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Many people wonder how the NBN will affect message services when similar products may be available in the purchased product.

The National broadband network comes in many different options and those o ...
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Holiday message

When special occasions happen you need a special message to let customers know what you are doing.

Examples are extended closing over Christmas and Easter and Public holidays that vary from state to ...
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Automated phone answering

Automated phone answering


Automated phone answering can make your life a lot easier by releasing the

pressure that builds with the persistent phone ringing.


There are several ways to achieve

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Telephone answering in the tyre industry

Telephone answering for the

Tyre industry



It is extremely difficult in any business to answer every call during a busy day. 

As a Tyre service this is magnified many times. As an owner, sales

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Best message service

The best answering service.


An answering service may come in many varieties and each has its own list
of benefits to the consumer but generally only one is the correct answer.


First of all, I

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Do you miss phone calls?

The answer is yes.

If you are not missing phone calls you are either overstaffed or under treated with leads and calls.

I like many of you ran a four ring theme on answering calls. if the phone was ...
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How I wrote a Book

Small business has been my hero for a lot of years and as far back as I can remember I have had a work from home business.
A business that can be a hobby or a hobby that can be a business.
Interesting ...
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